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10 June 2012

The art of cosplay

Well this isn't really an ordinary fashion post, is it? As a big fangirl I like to visit conventions once in a while. And while surfing the internet I discovered this massive website called cosplay.com. A place where you can post your own costume and share it with other fans. Cosplay is short for costume play, for those of you who don't know. And as I love people who put in so much work and devotion in to a costume, I looked up some amazing costumes.
And isn't the resemblance fantastic? Let's go from the first to the last one: The White Queen (Alice in Wonderland), Babydoll (Suckerpunch), A Corpse Bride, Future Police man, The Joker (The Dark Knight), Jessy & James (Pokemon) and Iron Man.

I myself am not a star with a sowing machine but would love to wear any of these costumes. Do I cosplay? Yes I do, my last costume would've been Frodo Baggins which I combined from vintage and normal clothing plus some fabrics, because I'm trying to learn. My dream costume at the moment would be Deanerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), which I'm trying to get together.
There will probably be more posts about this subject as I am very interested in fan culture. I recently wrote an essay and shot a short documentary about the behavior of fans.

What do you guys think of cosplay and devoted fans?

Source: cosplay.com


  1. Oh my the resemblance is crazily good with most of them. Didn't know the site, but there are definately a lot of awesome entries on it!

  2. Ik ken ze niet allemaal maar ze zijn zeker goed gelukt! Kun je eens laten zien welke kostuums jij al hebt gemaakt :)?

    1. Ik denk dat ik daar wel een keer een blogpost over maak. :) De kostuums die ik gedragen heb zijn in ieder geval: Rosalie Cullen, Jack Sparrow, Frodo Baggins, Kahlan Amnell (inspired), medieval warrior, Hogwarts student en Castiel (Supernatural). Ik wil eigenlijk heel graag een keer iets groots en mooi maken, maar hey ik heb nog even.

  3. Wauw this is really amazing. :O I haven't really done cosplay before, but I love it when other people do!

  4. Ik vind het mooi! Vooral de eerste, ze lijkt er inderdaad nog best op! =]


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