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08 June 2012

So... Blogging

After entirely cleaning, re-designing and re-thinking my blog. I decided to start again. That's right, my ever failing blog attempts is blown in to a new life. And as a fashion blog didn't really seem to work, I'm gonna try an inspiration blog. Posts about my life, events, fashion, architecture, photography and design. And yes I'm planning on making categories and keeping my blog nice and clean.

The weird thing is, that I always seem to come up with "restarting" my blog while I'm super busy and in the middle of a lot of school work. Well here I am again, preparing for a test, working on a project and totally stressing out. And yes, a blog seems to be a perfect way to write your worries away. All though that doesn't always seem to help. I decided to continue writing in English as this has become my second language. I might use it as often as I speak Dutch (which is my native language).
I'll try to post at least three posts a week. As there are a couple of holidays coming up, I'm not sure if this is this will happen. But I'm eager to try. Of course if you have some suggestions, feel welcome to add those in the comments.

I like sharing things I do, things I make and things I live. I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Bye and see you very soon!

Picture shot by: Nieke


  1. Ik ben blij dat je weer gaat bloggen! Ik heb ook altijd het probleem dat ik mijn meest productieve blogdagen heb als school veel tijd vraagt. Maar ja, je bent een blogger of je bent het niet :) Veel succes!

  2. I'll be following you again :P


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