FarBeyondBelieving: Festival swing

17 June 2012

Festival swing

In 2 weeks I'll be on my last day of Rock Werchter. As I'm absolutely excited about my 2nd festival ever (I went to Pinkpop last year). I looked up some festival outfit inspiration. The style I'm wearing in normal life is already a bit festival inspired, but I really like these outfits. They look comfortable and stylish. As I'm hoping for a bit of good weather, I'll probably take my wellies.
My boyfriend will be coming over for the festival and 6 other of my friends will be joining. We're leaving on Wednesday (the 27th) to get a good spot on the camping. I can not wait!

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  1. Super vet! Have fun :)
    En ik vind dit soort outfits ook echt heel gaaf! Hopelijk een beetje mooi weer dus.


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