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14 June 2012

DIY: Pimp your stuff

I had a very creative day. I was planning on pimping up some of some of my stuff for a while now. But that it would turn into to this..

1. Studded blouse
I ordered studs last Monday, they got in yesterday and as I couldn't wait to try. I got one of my denim blouses and decided to put the studs on the collar. I think it's looks amazing and gives a little edge to your look. It's very simple to do but very cool to look at.

2. Re-cut your t-shirts
Band t-shirts never look fantastic, they hava a high neck and no fit. So that's why I decided to get these and cut the sleeves of or make the neck a bit bigger. With the easiest cut you completely change the t-shirt. And for me those feel way more comfortable.

3. Peter Pan collar
You've probably seen someone walk around with one of those. But I decided to make one myself. With my new studs and a small piece, white fabric and of course a small black robe to tie it together. This is another very easy thing to make.


  1. I love how you used those studs, I think it is really you, looks great!

  2. Echt super leuk! Ik heb nog een giletje van spijkerstof, ik wil daar graag de achterkant van met studs bewerken! Waar heb jij deze gekocht :)?

    1. www.studskopen.nl, binnen 2 dagen zijn ze binnen! :D En veel keuze, super leuk.


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