FarBeyondBelieving: Shopping haul

19 June 2012

Shopping haul

Sale means shopping time, but today I wanted to get my mind of school. I still had to get some summer shoes, with in mind not spending over 50 euros. And well that worked out.
The first neon yellow sandals were in sale at the Invito. As I'm one of the people who love the neon colors I fell in love with these beauties. The second pair of black H&M flats are simple and lacey, which I love. The guns 'n roses top is an addition to the enormous stack of band shirts I have. The washing and design made me get it. (H&M as well) The last one is a vintage Levi high waist short. There are not that many nice vintage shops in Utrecht but the Episode is one of them. I've been looking for a good black high waist short for quite a while now and here it is!


  1. i really like the sandals and the shorts!so many great purchases.

  2. Oooh I love those first shoes <3 Want want want!

  3. Ohhh echt vet stoere spullen! Vooral die van Guns 'n Roses! I LIKE!

  4. Love the sandals, I hope to come across a pair as well. H&M does have a lovely neon pair online to.., lets see how much money is left from london hahaha.

  5. Love the neon sandals, their so bright! Love the lace shoes too! xo


  6. Super cool t-shirt! xx

    - Victoria

  7. great pieces!


  8. those neon sandals are beyond perfect! lovely snapshots :)


  9. I've seen that Gun's and Roses shirt in H&M before, and I really wanted to buy it, but decided not to. And I'm going back for it, I want it!
    Amazing shoes, the neon sandals are awesome!


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