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11 March 2013

Movies: Reviews

It's time for some movie reviews! Next to re-watching all the Harry Potter movies this month, because my boyfriend had never seen them, I've watched some movies.. I'd never seen before. I also decided to give the movies a grade out of 10.

Side Effects
This is the only movie I saw in the cinema of these 4. I didn't really hear that much about it, but my boyfriend really wanted to see it. Side Effects is about a young woman (Rooney Mara) being prescribed antidepressant drugs. The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Haywire, the Ocean's movies) and is what I'd would say confusing! I think I liked it but it definitely needed some time to sink in. It's not a movie you just watch, it's what I would call a mind-fuck, all though not as much as I'd expected it to be. And as I don't want to spoil the movie to you, I can't say that much about it. It's very clever and interesting to watch, I wouldn't say, run to your nearest cinema to see it. But if you've got some time.. Check it out!

Overall: 6.5

Blue Valentine
Girls.. Grab some tissues before watching this movie! Blue Valentine is about a couple (Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams) of whom you follow the story of their relationship. The movie is heartbreaking and both actors do such a fantastic job portraying it. The good thing about this movie is that you jump back and forth in time, without it being confusing. It's not one of Ryan Gosling's most famous movies and until my boyfriend told me about it.. I didn't even hear about this movie. I watched it while being ill which is maybe not the best idea, because it will make you quite depressed. It is a definite recommendation, but not for every day I'd suppose.

Overall: 7.5

Silver Linings Playbook
This is the movie I'd liked best of all four. I already dedicated a blogpost to Jennifer Lawrence who portrays Tiffany in this movie. Next to Bradley Cooper who is Pat, who just came back from a mental institution after a beating up because he simply lost it. Pat is bi-polar and when he comes home he is determined to get back to his wife, who cheated on him before. But after meeting Tiffany, things get more complicated.
The acting, the storyline, the clever writing.. I liked everything about this movie. It was an easy watch and Pat's dad (Robert De Niro) who has symptoms of OCD gives a really nice addition to the movie. I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it. And all though it lost the Oscar to Argo (which I still have to watch), it's a great movie!

Overall: 8

Where the Wild Things Are
I heard a lot about this movie, but never watched it. When I walked into Sainsbury's for 3 pounds, I decided to take with me and give it a go. I never read the book but my boyfriend did, who said they changed a lot. The film centers around a lonely eight-year-old boy named Max who sails away to an island inhabited by creatures known as the "Wild Things", who declare Max their king. The story is cute and fun to watch. I really liked the 'animation', all though there was a mixture of suits and animation. It was clever and all though for me the 'storyline' seemed to be missing once in a while, I liked it. I wouldn't say it's a kids movie as there is definitely a lot more to it. I'd say it's clever and very cute.

Overall: 7

Did you see any of these movies? Or would you want to?


  1. I've wanted to see Blue Valentine for a while now. Just haven't gotten around to it.
    I've also seen Side Effects and Silver Linings Playbook (as you know).

  2. Ik heb ze geen van allen gezien, maar leuke review!

  3. Silver Linings Playbook wil ik graag een keertje zien!

  4. Haven't seen any of them yet, but I really want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Blue Valentine though

  5. Silver Lining Playbook is zooo leuk! Hopen dat de rest hier ook snel uitkomt! XO
    The wine of fashion

  6. Ik wil heel graag Blue Valentine en Silver Lining Playbook zien! liefs

  7. Where the Wild Things Are, moet je echt een keer kijken! De film was echt gewoon prachtig! Al was ik vroeger echt bang van het boek,
    al had mijn enge kleuterleidster daar waarschijnlijk ook iets mee te maken. :P

  8. Side Effects wil ik graag zien, al is het alleen maar voor Channing haha.

  9. I love Blue Valentine, I kind of like those depressing love-stories, and having Ryan Gosling in it is always a bonus. Plus, I love Michelle Williams! Still haven't seen Silver Lining Playbook, but I really want to, would love to read the book as well.

  10. Ik heb alleen Silver Linings Playbook gezien, maar ik ben wel benieuwd naar Where the Wild Things Are.

  11. Blue Valentine was such a good movie.. hard to watch, but really good. For some reason I didn't like Where the Wild Things Are much, the creatures kind of freaked me out instead of making me go "aaww, cute!". Side Effects is on my to watch list!

    1. Max is a pretty fucked up kid and I don't think the idea is to think the wild things are aaaw or cute.

  12. ik heb alleen de eerste niet gezien.

    Where the Wild Things are is een van mijn favoriete films, Jonze did an awesome job. Blue Valentine's is ook een goede

  13. Ah Blue Valentine was so depressingly good. I bawled my eyes out. While during Silverlinings Playbook I couldn't stop laughing. Amazing movies.


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