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31 March 2013

Tag: Books

1. What is your favourite book?
This is always a really hard question for me. I've read quite a few books and I can't really choice one. But at the moment I think I'd have to say 'the Fault in Our Stars' by John Green and all the Harry Potter books by (ofcourse) J.K. Rowling.

2. What is your least favourite book?
'De Aanslag' by Harry Mulisch, I had to read this book for school and it's just not for me. Everyone is Always going on about this book but I think these kind of books are not my piece of toast. It couldn't get me and I didn't even get to finish it.

3. Name one book which will make you laugh out loud.
This is a difficult one.. I think this will have to be 'the Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky, and all though it definitely didn't make me laugh all the time. But Charlie is such an amazing character, just as the book is. And if you didn't see the movie yet.. You should see that as well, but please read the book first, it's absolutely beautiful.

4. Name a book which will make you cry.
Harry Potter made me cry, just like almost every John Green book, especially 'Looking for Alaska' and 'the Fault in Our Stars'. But just like me and movies, I cry very easily.

5. In which book would you want to life?
'Harry Potter', the 'Chronicles of Narnia' (C.S. Lewis) and secretly.. I would like to take a peak in to 'the Song of Ice and Fire' world as well, as long as George R.R. Martin doesn't kill me off and I get to be a Targaryen.

6. What is your favourite Young Adult book?
That would have to be 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins.

7. From which books can you litterally name quotes?
Harry Potter, no doubt.

8. Which book makes you scared?
I would have to go with 'the Song of Ice and Fire' books. I don't get super scared, but most of the time it's fear for my favourite characters dying.

9. Which book makes you sick?
None? I guess. I can't remember a books ever making me feel sick.

10. Which book changed your life?
I don't think I changed my life drastically. But it definitely did something in my life and of course that is Harry Potter.

11. Name a book from your favourite author?
'An Abundance of Katherines' definitely worth the read. By John Green.

12. Which book looks like your life?
I don't think I ever read a book which looks like my life.

13. Which main character looks like you?
I don't think there is any character which looks like me. But I always find myself in characters. I could always see myself in Luna Lovegood. (Harry Potter) But also Arya's personality. (A Song of Ice and Fire). And I when I mix up more characters, they might come close to my personality.

14. Name a book which involves your dream prince.
I don't like the word dream prince. As I don't think something like that exists. But if I'd have to pick.. It might be Jon Snow. All though it's forbidden for him to have a lady, as he took the black.

15. What is the first books you read as a child?
The very first book I read? That must've been 'Rupsje Nooitgenoeg.'

16. What is the thickest books you've ever read?
The Eragon Series by Christopher Paolini. All though Inheritance is still waiting for me.

17. Thinnest book you've ever read?
Must've been one of my childhood books. But one I remember? 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard', I guess?

18. Are you ashamed of a book you like?

19. Which books make you very excited?
I don't know.. New books releasing?

20. Which book did you read most?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, must've been around 8 times.

21. What was your favourite picture book when you were a child?
'Over een kleine mol die wil weten wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft', I absolutely LOVED that book.

22. Which book are you planning on reading next?
I'm still considering between 'Divergent', 'The Rise of Nine', 'A Feast For Crows' and 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson.'

23. Which book didn't you read, but told people you did read.
I can't see why I would say I'd read something.. While I didn't.

24. Name a book including your favourite scene?
I don't have one scene I love. There are so many scenes I love in books. I think I've read to much books to select just one.

25. What is your favourite book you had to read in school?
This was a book I had to read last year for a research paper by Henry Jenkins called: Convergence Culture.

26. Wat is je favoriete non-fictie boek?
Like I said before, this will have to be 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green followed by 'the Perks of Being A Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky.

27. What is your favourite fiction book?
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and at the moment 'The Song of Ice and Fire' books by George R. R. Martin.

28. What is the last book you read?
A Storm of Swords: 1: Steel and Snow by George R. R. Martin

29. Which book are reading right now?
A Storm of Swords -  2: Blood and Gold by George R. R. Martin which I almost finished. (have to finish if before Monday when the 3rd season starts)

30. Which book can't you finish because it's so boring?
Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind, I loved the tv show, but the books.. I can't seem to get into it.

31. Which book release are you looking forward to?
New John Green books and the last two Song of Ice and Fire books.

32. Which book should be a movie?
I think it's getting a bit overrated at the moment. Every Young Adult story seems to become a movie. All John Green's books are already sold for movie rights. But if I had to pick a book I would love Eragon to be made in to a new movie. I know there's already been one. But as it sucked, I would love to see that as a movie by another (better) director as I think it could be really cool.


  1. I love to read this book tag, such a nice one

  2. Fun tag. I do notice a pattern in your answers: Harry Potter, John Green and Song of Ice and Fire :P

  3. Really love this tag amd your answers! I read Wizard's First Rule and the other books in Dutch. You really have to give it another shot. The story is so great :)

  4. What a fun tag! I'll definitely do this tag as well. Yay for HP, ASOIAF, The Hunger Games & John Green :D I didn't finish Wizard's First Rule either the first time, but I loved it the second time I read it!

  5. Leuke tag! Ben zelf alleen totaal geen boekenlezer, dus kan niet meepraten over de titels (van sommige wel de films). XX

  6. Ik zou gaan voor Divergent! Heel leuk boek. Alhoewel Will Grayson, Will Grayson ook wel leuk is als je John Green fan bent. ;)

  7. Leuek tag, deze kende ik nog niet! Veel Harry Potter zie ik voorbij komen hihi, The Fault in Our Stars zou ik wel willen lezen :)

  8. Ik ben benieuwd naar Photo journalism! Is dit een informatief boek? Of gewoon een titel? Fijne boeken zitten er tussen zeg. Ik ben ook een enorme boeken fan. Zou best in de Library willen wonen;)!

  9. Ik vond het leuk om deze tag te lezen.
    En ben het met je eens over vraag 32.
    Hoewel ik het leuk vind dat sommige boeken worden. Wordt het de laatste tijd veel, lees je op internet, er komt een nieuwe film uit, het is een verfilming van . ... boek en dan denk ik: ' alwéér?'


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