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12 March 2013

Crazy things I did in life #4

Did you guys ever hear about fanfiction? No? According to Wikipedia fanfiction is a broadly-defined fan labor term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published.
So basically fan fiction is a story you write.. About a story which already exists. A story within a story, a story of which you're a fan. I think fan fiction must've started somewhere in the 60's, around the release of the first Star Trek. There this website called fanfiction.net, a place where fans share their stories. And from the age 13 tot 20, I've been writing fanfictions. So if you're curious.. Check it out and look up if there's some fan fiction about a show or movie you've watched. (take a look at the rating before you start reading tho, there's some crazy stuff going around there!)

Another thing you might know about fanfiction. (which I actually hate) The book 50 Shades of Gray started out as a Twilight fanfiction. Yes that is right the story was supposed to be about Edward and Bella. Fan fiction goes a lot further then cute little stories now. On fanfiction for example you have to give your story a rating, so you know if the story is G rated or not.

My fanfiction writing? It all started with a story about a girl and Daniel Radcliffe, in the real life. They fell in love, and because I had a definite crush at that time, that girl seemed to look a bit like me at some points. I wrote a story about Cedric Diggory who fell in love with a girl who secretly seemed to be a werewolf. (this was before Twilight times) Another Harry Potter fan fiction about a girl who became good friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Which was followed by a Twilight fanfiction about my own character joining the Cullen family. (I think I must've been 16 by now) And at the same time I was writing a 'Chronicles of Narnia' fan fiction. It seemed like a good idea to write multiple stories at the same time then as I'd started a Supernatural fanfiction as well. The longest story I wrote is together with one of my best friends. This was a story based in the world of Narnia and we got it up to a second part. We got it up to around 175 pages and was written in Dutch. (in Word)

As I was into graphic design I always made covers for my fanfictions and at one point, when I started getting in to video editing. I made a trailer for my Narnia story which I wrote in English, it's still on Youtube, so take a look if you're interested. My main character, Kathy, who I imagined with the look of Emma Watson, always seemed to be a Narnian Queen. And wouldn't it be nice if she'd fell in love with a Narnian king. And especially for all of you.. A short piece of the first chapter:

My mom on the other hand had a firm walk, her face calm and serious. My little sister on her right hand, less calm. I decided to keep the distance. I needed my own thoughts. "Kathy, come here please. We can't lose each other." I sighed, she thought the exact opposite, the thing I didn't wanted. "Liz, same for you, come." When my mom talked to Liz her voice was softer, calmer and friendlier. I fastened my pass until the distance was only a meter, but it was still there. One of the guys in the front started yelling. I couldn't hear the exact thing he was saying. But by the hearing of the mumbles they announced we were almost there. 

It's a story which they call crack!fanfiction, it's a Supernatural fan fiction based in the middle ages. I started writing this about a year and a half ago and didn't get far. Still it's one of my latest works of which the language.. Is not to bad. Because if I'd show you one of my writings of when I was 13, that was bad..

“Father, who’s that?” Sam twirled his hands together and watched around the corner of the doorway. As he watched his father, sword forward, no fear in his eyes, just a harsh expression. Sam quickly moved his hand to the hilt in which his silver dagger was hidden. He always had to keep the dagger with him, he promised his father, even when he was asleep. Underneath his shirt, hidden so no one would see it. Sam never understood. He knew dangerous people were wondering around, but inside the castle walls he was safe. His brother, Dean used to tell him stories about the knights who protected them, their father who helped. And that was the reason for all his travelling. But over the year Sam figured he didn’t went with the knights as Dean told. Every time the knights came back, father wasn’t with them. A week or so later he arrived back home, telling Sam he had some business to attend to. “Sam get out of here, warn Dean and get yourselves into the castle walls.” He didn’t turn his head as he raised his voice. He just kept looking to the guy who now seemed to get his eye on Sam. “GO SAM!” Sam took another look at the guy who stood before his father. He was scared; the man freaked him out and didn’t look like any of the other knights inside the castle. His cape was black and a big classic hat with a white feather covered his eyes. “NOW!” Sam took one final look and ran away, towards the dungeon. These were placed outside the castle walls, there had to be at least five guards there. 

I still really enjoy reading fanfiction once in a while now. What about you guys? Did you ever read a fanfiction? And if you'd interested to read more.. I guess I could make another blog post about it.


  1. I love reading fanfics every now and then because some people are so creative with it! It's so nice that something like this excists :)

  2. Bleh fanfiction.net. Ao3.org is where it's at nowadays! Maar verder yay voor fanfic!

    1. Ik lees niet zo veel als jullie allemaal haha. Maar vind fanfiction ook nog steeds fijn. :)

  3. SUPERNATURAL! <3 Destiel all the way XD maar dan liever zonder de ranzigheid wat sommige verzinnen lol..

  4. Looks so familiar! Ik heb me ook nog een tijdje bezig gehouden met Harry Potter verhalen. Sweet memories!

  5. Ik blijf 50 tinten grijs maar niks vinden.. Had er meer van verwacht, haha! XO
    The wine of fashion

  6. Love fanfiction, always used to read yours as well.
    Now I am all for the klaroline fanfics :)

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  8. Omg. All the fanfics! Oh remember all the things we wrote, Nieke? Still love it!

  9. Wat leuk, dat wist ik helemaal niet :)

  10. Still love to read fanfictions and gosh it feels like so long ago that I've read your fanfics!

  11. I still remember some of your fanfiction stories! I only wrote a few myself back then.

  12. Haha, Harry Potter fanfictions, mijn jeugd! En tegenwoordig soms nog steeds mijn guilty pleasure...
    Ik zat net door je posts te scrollen, maar nu ga ik je blog zeker weten volgen. ;)


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