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23 March 2013

Review: Inside HBO's - Game of Thrones

A few weeks ago I walked into this beautiful book called: Inside HBO's Game of Thrones. Because of the price (25 pounds) I decided to wait for it to get a bit cheaper. And last week when I checked Amazon for some frames we had to get for the apartment. I ran into this book again, only 14 pounds! That's such a bargain. And yes I got it. I already looked in to it when I first saw it in the store, but this is such a wonderful book. The design is beautiful, the content is amazing and the pictures are a pleasure to look at.
Books like this always get printed a little more 'expensive' then normal books. There are a lot of photos in it and as they're already quite big the prices rise. The cover of this book is black and quite 'squeezy', there are little golden lines in it and I'm always scared to touch or open the book. My boyfriend likes to call it our 'coffee table book' which we'll try to change once in a while. But I just love books of movies and tv shows like this. You get an inside peak into the show and get to know a lot more about the production side by reading all this.

The first interview is one with George R.R. Martin (the writer of the Song of Ice and Fire books) followed by an interview with producer David Benioff and writer D.B. Weiss. These two interview told me a lot about the process of getting Game of Thrones into a tv show and how much effort it took. I haven't got the change yet to read the entire book as I'm trying to finish: A Storm of Sword, 2: Blood and Gold, before the show starts. I'm at page 300 and in two weeks I have to finish 250 more. But with my travel back to the Netherlands, I might be able to do so.

If you're a Game of Thrones fans, this books is definitely a recommendation. It's still 14 pounds on Amazon, as I know it's quite a bit more money in store. And in case you haven't heard anything about Game of Thrones yet? You should definitely take a look at this video.


  1. cool cool cool. ik kan niet wachten op het nieuwe seizoen. whaaaaaah

  2. Supergaaf! had er wel eens van gehoord:) Hele mooie foto's ook!
    ps; er is een giveaway op mijn blog, doe je mee?

  3. Erg leuk en prachtige foto's. XX

  4. LOVE IT! Deze wil ik ook wel.. Kan niet wachten tot seizoen 3 begint!

  5. Het boek ziet er prachtig uit! Such a bargain :)


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