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25 March 2013

Meeting a celebrity

I didn't meet that much people just on the street, but I did meet quite a few on events. The ones for which you pay money yes. But I would like to share my experience with you. I didn't really speak to every of these people but to the ones I did, it was an amazing experience. This is not to brag, because you don't just go to these events, you invest quite a bit of money and time to actually realize this kind of events. I just want to share my experience with you.

What is 'meeting' exactly? I've been to a few premieres where I've seen people but didn't speak to them because of the amount of people being there. So I want to make that split right here, I'm starting of the blogpost with people I've seen and people I've met. Not including in the people I've seen are artists at concert, because the list would become to big. I'll include an (a) after the people I managed to get an autograph of.

People I've seen:
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson (a), J.K. Rowling, Rupert Grint (a), James & Oliver Phelps (a), Tom Felton (a), Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Evanna Lynch (a) and because this would take ages I'm just going to say, the rest of the Harry Potter cast.
William Moseley, Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley (a) (who I had a very short talk with, but only because I said she looked beautiful), Skandar Keynes, Will Poulter (a), Anna Popplewell and same story here, the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia cast. (+ One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle who attended)
Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes premiere), Orlando Bloom (a), Luke Evans (a), Logan Lerman and a few more at the Three Musketeers premiere. David Tennant (walked by us on an event), Tom Hardy (who we casually saw somewhere on the streets in London).
Billy Boyd and Sean Astin who attended RingCon and start in The Lord of the Rings.

I also met Simple Plan, Lifehouse, Justin Nozuka, Scouting for Girls and Jack Savoretti. (I do have autographs of all these artists, on my Pinkpop hat haha)

From top left to right bottom: Me and.. A part of the Supernatural cast, Misha Collins, Maisie Williams, two friends and Shane Rangi, Craig Parker and Rob Benedict.

People I've actually met (and talked to)
Misha Collins (a), Rob Benedict (a), Mark Pelligrino (a), Jim Beaver (a), Mark Sheppard (a), Matt Cohen, Steven Williams (a), Sebastian Roche (a), Carrie Fleming (a), Amy Gumenick, Katie Wilder (a), Lindsey McKeon, Julian Richings (a), Mitch Pillegi (a) and Jim Micheals. (this are all Supernatural people)
Shane Rangi (a), who is a stunt performer in films as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, 300 and The Chronicles of Narnia. 
Craig Parker and Craig Horner, who star in Legend of the Seeker.
Maisie Williams, Iain Glenn, Jason Mamoa, Natalia Tena (a), Joe Dempsy, Miltos Yeromelou Finn Jones and Lena Headey (a) who all star in Game of Thrones.

For bands this will be Jason Manns and Louden Swain (of which Rob Benedict is a part).

Autographs of.. A part of the Chronicles of Narnia cast, a part of the Harry Potter cast, Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom and Rupert Grint, Oliver & James Phelps.

I met all these people, mainly because I went to conventions (and premiere). You always have bigger shot on actually getting to talk with the people because they're on the convention for the fans. But all though you'd never know if they actually remember you, for you it feels very special. While they're just like you, aren't they? They just got famous at something they're good at.

But how does it feel if you know you get to meet someone? Well I'm always very nervous. If you're queueing up to take a photo, for an autograph or you just walk in to someone. It's nerve wrecking. At first it's in English, and by now my English is fine, but it all seems to be harder when you have to be extra clear. When you're on a convention there's always the change to ask some question, on my first convention I was way to shy to do this. But after that.. I got over myself and decided I should just go to the microphone and go for it. And that's when conversations start most of the time, which is fun! At RingCon I got startled because first, a massive light appears in your face. And second, one of the actors told me my outfit was great. I had to think twice about what my questions was.
But after that.. They might even remember you when you walk into them in the hallway. This happened to me and one of my friends and after waving back very friendly, we completely freaked out after he was out of side. (Craig Horner) Your mind is constantly trying to act normal, but when they're gone, you just freak out.

I think it's the feeling of seeing someone on tv most of the time, and then meeting them is a very weird experience. When you admire someone and get to meet them, it's almost inhuman and crazy. Shane Rangi is not that famous but when we decided to walk up to him at the Elf Fantasy Fair (and meeting him again in London at the Narnia premiere) it took us a while to actually do it. The funny part here is that still have contact with him once in a while, through Facebook that is. He even gave us his album at the Narnia premiere of which there are only 200 in the world. I'd say that is pretty cool.

Sometimes I just think about the great opportunities I've had meeting all these people. But aren't they just people? Yes, but people who star in your favourite show or movie, which makes it that bit more special. And you might consider me crazy for paying 20 pounds for an autograph or even more for a picture with someone,  to me it means something.

Who would  you really want to meet?


  1. I'm like: asBKahdgkjahWWJHSDAM because of all the feels.

  2. My number one and two people in the world to meet are joseph morgan en candice accola and I am hopefully meeting candice in june wich will leave me pretty speechless I am sure.

  3. Omg amazing! Vooral de Game of Thrones mensen hihi. Ik zou heel graag Kristen Stewart en Mila Kunis ontmoeten. En de Game of Thrones cast ofcourse.

  4. Awesome! It's so weird to meet people you like a lot. I still remember winning a meet & greet with Everlife. And even though they aren't very famous, it still was one of the best experiences I ever had. We talked for like half an hour and me and my friend got to play one of their songs for them, but when she forgot the lyrics they just sang along! So basically I played a song with one of my favorite bands, which was something on my bucket list, it was so cool! I can't wait to meet Ian Somerhalder this May, and I'd love to meet some of the Avengers cast and Jennifer Lawrence.

  5. I think it's great that you got to meet/see so many people you admire! I'm not as hardcore about my tv/movie obsessions anymore, but I had an amazing time at the one (lol I know) convention I went to to meet Misha Collins. Jason Momoa was there too but he was way too intimidating to just go up and talk to XD Ofcourse now I regret that haha.. oh well ;)

  6. Such a fun post to read. You've got me addicted to events & premieres Nieke ;) Hihi. Even though it is a lot of money, for me it is definately worth it!

  7. This list is just so awesome. And yes, you are responsible for my addiction to events. :P It's a lot of money, but who cares. For me it's worth it. My dream is to meet Nina (Dobrev) and fortunately for me that's going to happen in June.

  8. aaah ie foto met Misha Collins is te cute. Ik heb een keer naast Bill Nighty in het vliegtuig gezeten, ik was een beetje verdrietig en toen heeft hij me nog zitten troosten. Maanden later zag ik hem in Love Actually. Maar euhm ... door welke streets liep meneer Hardy? Dat is de eerste die me te binnen schiet.

    1. Die liep een cafeetje in toen wij van Hampton's Court kwamen. Mijn vriend was vooral diegene die flipte haha. Was erg grappig!

  9. HA. ik snap hem helemaal!

  10. Grappig lijstje! Ik heb zelf helemaal niks met celebrities (als in: het zou me weinig doen als ik er een op straat zou tegen komen), al vind ik het wel leuk om de handtekening van de artiest op zijn/haar/hun CD te hebben staan.

  11. Wow, wat een lijst!

    Superleuk ook trouwens dat je laatst op misslipgloss stond!


  12. Ik vind het ook altijd zo leuk om celebs te zien op premieres enzo! Ik ben nog niet naar conventies geweest, dus echt een celeb ontmoet heb ik nog niet gedaan. Maar ik zou wel een lijstje kunnen maken van sterren waarmee ik graag eens zou praten!


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