FarBeyondBelieving: Collectormania / MCM Expo weekend

28 May 2013

Collectormania / MCM Expo weekend

Me and Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon)

So as I told you guys, this weekend was amazing and very nerdy. On Friday night two of my Dutch friends, Sietske and Britt, arrived. A busy but great weekend was waiting for us with on the Saturday, MCM Expo, in the London Excel and on the Sunday Collectormania 19 in Milton Keynes. I planned to dress up on both days as Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen.

And to be honest.. I felt like a celebrity on both days. I constantly got stopped for pictures, but not only posing people asked to take pictures with me as well. People just shouted: "Daenerys!" or "Khaleesi!" to stop me, or they just randomly said: "That is one wicked costume." I was absolutely stunned. I did wear my costume before at RingCon but as there were a lot more people dressed up as Game of Thrones characters there, it must've been less special. But wow, if anyone is reading this, thank you so much for the appreciation and compliments.

Now, enjoy all the pictures mainly made by Sietske. (some by me, some by bf and some by Britt) I love events like this and will definitely visit more of them over the weekend. Oh and for those of you following me on Instagram, you must've already seen some of the weekend's pictures.


  1. Aw nice that you got so many positive reactions on your costume! It looks really great :D Great photos!

  2. Wauw wat zag je er ontzettend leuk en sexy uit haha. Gaaf kostuum! Jaloers! XX

  3. wauw je zag er echt geweldig uit!! ik had die foto van jou op de troon nog laten zien aan mn vriend gister! Hij was gister naar de expo in amsterdam en ik vet enthousiast kiijjkk: nieke is een baaas! die ging in dr kostuum! Echt heel tof :D


    1. Haha echt?! Super leuk, en dankjewel! :D

    2. Over de stickers: Jaaaaa :D! Dat zou echt heel tof zijn! Zou je me een mail willen sturen met je adres? Dan probeer ik ze vandaag nog op de post te doen :P

  4. Haha the giant "Despicable Me" is just awesome, haha! So awesome to hear you got so many great responses on your costume!

  5. Heeel tof! En leuk draakje op je schouder, haha :)

  6. Zo leuk! Jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn!


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