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20 May 2013

Tag: the revenge of the nerds!

(Harry Potter group, Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen 2012)

I've got a fun post coming up somewhere this week, something I'm really excited about. BUT the post man still has to deliver it. So keep an eye open! In the mean time, I found this nerdy tag, which I'm dying to do. So here I go!

1. Kirk or Picard? 
I've never been a big Trekkie (Star Trek fan), so let's skip this questions haha. I've only seen the Star Trek films and in those.. I like Kirk the best.

2. Warrior, thief, or wizard?
I have to think about the warrior and wizard for a bit. But in the end it will always be the wizard. 

3. Favorite subject in school? 
For uni I can't really say as the subject changes every period. In secundaire school my favourite subject was art. In primaire school, you won't believe me, but it was actually maths, because I was quite good at it.

4. What would your Patronus be?
I think it would be a dolphin, it's always been my favorite animal but I'm afraid I don't have that much similarities with it. 

5. Favorite Superhero? 
This is like making a choice between Marvel and DC. Oh wait, that is what question number 7 makes me do. But I've made this decision before and all though it's a very close pick between Iron Man and Batman. I'll have to go for Batman!

6. Star Trek or Star Wars? 
Easy.. Star Wars! All though I haven't watched both until quite late. I definitely like Star Wars better than Star Trek.

(Storm Trooper @ Entertainment and Media Show, 2011)

7. Marvel or DC? 
This is tricky. As Batman is my favourite superhero you would expect me to say DC. But overall I actually like Marvel better. I've been reading more DC comic books, but think the overall group of Marvel is better.

8. In what un-sports related way do you keep in shape? 
An un-sports related way? Does talking count? Or trying to eat healthy. I really don't know, maybe by thinking about it.

9. What is your dream career choice? 
Director for a fantasy show or movie.

10. Favorite video game? 
I've not been playing that much video games, but did have a Game-Boy and Wii when I was younger. At the moment I'm about to start playing 'Arkham Asylum' on my boyfriend's XBOX. My favourite? I'm going to be very cheesy and say Pokemon Silver.

11. Favorite author? 
John Green and J.K. Rowling. No doubt there.

12. Favorite Indie band?
I don't listen to that much Indie bands to be honest. All though I do really like Two Doors Cinema Club.

(meeting John Green in Amsterdam, 2011)

13. What is the nerdiest thing about yourself? 
The nerdiest thing about me? Cosplay? I guess.. I don't really want to specify things nerdy about me.

14. Nerdiest movie in your collection? 
A lot of them. Star Wars? Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Or maybe my Comic-Con documentary? I think I own a lot of nerdy movies.

15. Playstation, Xbox, or Wii?
I owned a Wii but would pick the XBOX as we have one in our apartment now.

16. What is the biggest word you know? 
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins anyone?!)

17. Greatest nerd accomplishment?
Visiting the Harry Potter 7.2 premiere in London. Attending RingCon. Cosplaying Daenerys Targaryen. Seeing a Batman marathon (3 movies) in the cinema. Dressing up to a Harry Potter showing. Need I go on?

18. Biggest nerd role model?
John Green. And I kinda have to mention Stan Lee don't I?

19. What fictional character did you fantasise about as a kid?
It's started with.. (this is awkward) Ash Ketchum, followed by Harry Potter and now? It might be Jon Snow.

20. Jocks: Friends or foes?
As this is a very American questions, I'm not sure what to say. But I'm quite sure they would be my foes.

21. Old school bit games, or modern 3D graphics?
I love both. But old school games, come on, Nintendo 64 games must be the best.

22. Nerdiest Pick-up line?
This is very bad, so be prepared. Here it goes: "You don’t even have to say ‘Luminos Maxima’ to turn me on!"

(dressing up as Frodo Baggins, Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2012)

23. The nerdiest article of clothing you’ve ever owned? 
I think this has to be my Frodo Baggins costume. Or maybe my Daenerys or Harry Potter costume. You take a pick!

24. Do you have a random, useless talent? What is it?
I'm not sure if I do. But I'm a pretty creative costume creator. I like creating costumes from my own clothes, and just buy a lot of stuff in 'normal' stores. Other than that? I'm not sure..

25. Do you read the book before seeing the movie?
I try to! I want to fantasise about what happens, rather than watching it on the big screen right away. But I simply don't have time to do that for every movie.

26. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I've tried to answer this question before but it's so hard. We've been discussing this while watching 'Misfits' as well. The power to fly would be pretty cool, but what about teleporting? I don't know, there's some pretty amazing super powers I'd want to have. All though I do think the power to fly might be up there pretty high.

This weekend I'll be visiting London Comic-Con and the Collectormania in Milton Keynes, so keep your eyes open for a very nerdy post coming up next week. With hopefully a lot of photos!


  1. Super leuke tag :D En die foto van jou als Frodo Baggins vind ik echt heel gaaf! En bij mij begon het 'fantasise about fictional character' ook bij Ash Ketchum, hahah :P

  2. This is a great questionnaire! Your Frodo costume is really good.
    I quite agree with you on the Marvel DC front. I really like X-Men and that whole world of possibility.


  3. Oh loved this tag, haha that pick up line really made laugh! Loved the photos you included

  4. haha wat een leuke tag! Die pick-up line is echt heeeeeeeeel slecht hahaha.

  5. You met John Green! That's so cool. I think I need to do this tag as well :D

  6. aaah. Ik heb vorige week mijn eerste public geek moment gehad: de game of thrones expo en een foto op de throne.

    1. en je Frodo kostuum is pretty freaking awesome.

    2. Super tof! :D Ik mag zondag ook plaats nemen op de Iron Throne in Daenerys kostuum! (op Collectormania 19) En dankjewel voor het lieve compliment.

  7. Wat een leuk stuk om te lezen. Erg grappige tag, haha! Ik vind je Frodo kostuum trouwens erg tof! Gaaf gedaan.


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