FarBeyondBelieving: Run, run, run!

06 May 2013

Run, run, run!

Other than being very busy on my graduation project. (I've got an entire weekend of filming behind my back, and luckily a bank holiday today) I've been starting to work out again, I did my first 5KM this morning, and as you can see I'm still doing a lot of intervals. (which just means I walk after a bit of a run) But I think 5KM in 35 min is not to bad for a second run after 3 months of not working out. (there was one 4.0KM run in April) But I'm starting to get it going more. I've been doing some push, sit-ups and planks last week and I've got a jumping robes. Which is a bit difficult as our living room is a bit to small for that.

But I'm getting back on running, I'm going to get some shorts today as it's starting to get to hot for my under knee trousers. My boyfriend is getting the cardio going as well, so it's got to be in the 'get ready for summer' vibe together. I just hope I can get it going the next few weeks and get the bits of belly fat going. I'm going to get a salad ready right now, yummie lunch.

But only cardio is not enough I have to get some strength as well, which will be done with some weights. And trainings at home. (I might join my boyfriend to the gym a few times, as it isn't to expensive to go there as a student)

You can follow my Nike+ account here. Are you guys doing anything in preparation for summer?


  1. Wauw, goed bezig zeg! En leuk om in Londen te rennen! :D Ik doe nu Insanity workout en de plank pose :D

  2. God I should start running again. I picked it up earlier this year but I've been slacking for the past two months. I think 35min for 5km is not bad at all, especially considering you haven't run in a long while. Good luck picking it up again!

  3. Goed bezig! Ik ben ook erg benieuwd naar je project, zag op Instagram iets van een timelaps voorbij komen? Gaaf!

  4. Wauw, goed bezig girl! Rennen in Londen lijkt me zo tof! Ik heb hier de buurt wel gezien... Ben trouwens benieuwd naar je project! Komt daar nog een blogje over;):?

    1. Als mijn project af is zal ik er zeker even een blogje over schrijven. :)

  5. PS: Heb je maar een toegevoegd op Instagram, dacht dat ik je al lang volgde!


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