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07 June 2013

10 facts about me

I've been very quiet, and I'm sorry! But my thesis is now officially finished and I've entered the last week of my internship. This means, I'll have to find a job soon. Other than that, I got a hair cut and it's shorter than it's ever been before, I'll try to make some photos as soon as possible. But first, 10 facts you probably didn't know about me!

1. I have never smoked, or done any sort of drugs. And don't have any desire to do so. I've been asked multiple times but always said 'no.' I don't need any sort of drugs to have fun, I can easily enjoy myself and make it fun.

2. My biggest desire right now would be a 3 month travel trip to Asia/Australia/New Zealand. But there's always the money problem, I would love to get out there and just visit places, backpacking.

3. I've been planning to change to Wordpress for ages now (especially because my portfolio is Wordpress already) but am simply to lazy and busy, I guess. I'll try real soon.

4. I'm not a big fan of sleeping. There are view days in the year on which I actually say: "Oh I can't wait to go to sleep." There are so many other things I would want to do instead of sleeping, but well... A person needs sleep in life.

5. The best weekends are the ones I spend with friends or my boyfriend. Visiting conventions or events, walking around acting crazy. Followed by a lazy day, watching TV, reading and chill out. Yes if every weekend could be like that, that would be great.

6. I only spend about 15 minutes in the morning to get dressed and do my make-up. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer when I don't know what to wear. But I don't wear that much make-up and now my hair is quite short it doesn't take me that long anymore. Easy right?

7. I recently got into 'Arkham Asylum' which I now love. I'm never been that much of a gamer, but when I played it, I definitely enjoyed it. Batman is my favourite all time super hero so when my boyfriend suggested that I should start playing some more games (next to my usual Pokemon and Super Mario), so out of his games the decision was made pretty quickly.

Me and my sister

8. I spend a lot of time watching 'boyfriend does my make-up tags'. Why? Would you ask. I don't know, I just like them a lot and what's a better place to spend your time than Youtube. I sometimes consider what my life is like for people who don't spend that much time on the internet. Oh well...

9. When I was around 8 years old I had a sport or activity every day in the week. I did skiing, tennis, gymnastics and was in a club where you mainly did arty stuff. Fun, but very busy.

10. I've been blogging since the age 15 but never hold on longer than a few months. Well up until now, as farbeyondbelieving is celebrating it's first birthday tomorrow! (and as I totally forgot about it, I'm waiting until I reach the 100 followers and do a give-away then)


  1. Heel leuk om te lezen :D
    En alvast gefeliciteerd dat je blog morgen 1 jaar bestaat! Ik volg je al op Bloglovin' dus kan je helaas niet verder helpen om de 100 volgers te bereiken :c

  2. Leuk om te lezen en zo wat meer te weten te komen over je! Ik ga binnenkort ook een My boyfriend does my makeup tag opnemen, dus dan kan je die ook kijken haha.

  3. NEE HOE HOUD JE NIET VAN SLAPEN? HOE IS DIT MOGELIJK?! Ik ben hier in licht shock hoor :P

  4. Super leuk Nieke, ook de foto van jullie samen! Love you both so much!

  5. Ik houd ook niet zo van slapen. Ik blijf liever zo lang mogelijk op om dingen te doen. Helaas heeft dat niet altijd de beste gevolgen, want zoals je zegt heb je nu eenmaal slaap nodig.

    En ik heb lang haar, maar ik heb 's ochtends ook vaak maar 15 à 20 min nodig om me klaar te maken.

    Also, switch to Wordpress! :D

  6. Wat leuk om te lezen. Boyfriend does my make up vind ik ook zulke leuke filmpjes, haha!

  7. Wat een leuke dingen allemaal! Ik heb trouwens ook een hekel aan slapen. Elke ochtend: 'vanavond lekker VROEG naar bed'. 's avonds: mzuiek, tv, series, boeken... alles is interessanter dan te gaan liggen en slapen.

  8. Super leuk om te lezen!! Die reis van 3 maanden
    moet je echt doen, een hele ervaring! :D

    Ik volg je nu via GFC. Volg je terug? :)


  9. Oh 15 minuten, lekker snel! Ik doe er twee keer zo lang over.

  10. Leuke facts. Heerlijk he kort haar hebben met 's ochtends jezelf klaar maken? Super handig

  11. Wat een grappige weetjes! Ben inderdaad benieuwd naar je haar, maar volgens staat daar inmiddels een blogje over. Veel zeg, dat je elke dag een sport had! Vond je het nog wel leuk? En dat reizen herken ik... always the momeny, ALWAYS.

  12. Ik hou juist van slapen :-p
    En wat betreft die game, ga m na volg wk ff checken.Speelde zelf wow en Guild Wars 2 maar ben toe aan wat nieuws.
    ik vraag me ook weleens af wat men v mijn online leven vindt haha. ken best wat digibeetjes.
    en dat reizen: just start saving! bit by bit


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