FarBeyondBelieving: Shooting Star

06 September 2012

Shooting Star

This is not really an outfit of the day. But yes, you're able to see what I was wearing. This was my first day of shooting for my photojournalism minor. I'll show more of that later.

But what am I wearing? My top is simple and black, it's loose and from H&M. My denim jacket is vintage and if I remember correctly I got it at the Rok!It at Brick Lane. My leggings just came in this week and I've been looking for some affordable galaxy leggings for a long time. I found these at romwe.com. My shoes? Simple Converse, but very comfortable.


  1. I looooooooove the leggings! I want some from romwe too, but I can't really decide which ones I want, so many choices! :P

  2. Die legging is toch vet duur? Althans, ik had er een keer een gezien op een website en toen was het ding overdreven veel geld.

    En stiekem terecht. Want het is een mooi ding!

    1. Ik heb deze voor 22 dollar weten te scoren! Dus zeker goed betaalbaar. De originele, ja die is zeker duur, maar dat wilde ik er niet voor neertellen. :P

  3. Aaah love the outfit! The leggings <3


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