03 September 2013


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26 June 2013


This is a very quick blog post for all of you. But today I officially GRADUATED my 4 year Bachelor course Communication & Media Design. With a 7.5 (out of 10), I'm so excited but it still have to realize this actually happened.

And another surprise, yesterday my parents (and one of my best friend's parents) told us they booked us a ticket and hotel to Rome as a gift. And this will be for next week. Woaa, I'm going to Rome!

And after all that, I have some really exciting blog posts coming up. I filmed some videos and hopefully lots more posts. See you soon!

22 June 2013

Ask me anything!

I'm so sorry guys! I promised to update more, I know, but now my thesis is finished my final presentation is coming up (next Wednesday) so I'm sitting behind my computer trying to make up an original and good way to finish of my 4 years on this course. Yes, difficult. I am also back in the Netherlands for almost a month to get all that sorted. Oh and also to see all my friends and family of course. But because I'm so busy doing all that (...and finding a job) I thought I'd do a 'ask me anything' blog. And maybe I'll even make a video with the answers so jup... If you'd all like that. Because after my presentation I really hope to have more time. To get some actual photos and videos up.

So go ahead and ask whatever you want to ask of me, in Dutch or English, I don't mind. I'll try to answer all of them.

Go for it, and...